Hypno-Band Weight Loss System – The Gastric Band

The HypnoBand Weight Loss System is renowned the world over for its amazing success rates.


Being the first and original therapy using the virtual gastric band, HypnoBand, which started here in the UK and quickly followed by the USA is now in more than 25 countries.
This therapy utilises the mind through the use of hypnosis to take the client/patient through Gastric Band Surgery.
Actual Gastric Band Surgery is not available to all obese people as the NHS will only perform it on people over a certain weight. In the same way, this will still apply to those who choose to go privately and of course it is also extremely expensive. Needless to say there is a considerable recovery period for the surgery.
All anaesthetics involve a degree of risk and this is not ideal for every overweight person.

It has been shown in recent research that following the actual gastric band surgery, some people suffer deep depression because they lose their one pleasure in life, eating. This does not happen with HypnoBand therapy, the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy system.

With the HypnoBand therapy, surgery can be avoided and so can spending many thousands of pounds and people are losing weight and enjoying doing so.

It works by combining Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Hypnotherapy.
Using these techniques, we will discuss your habits, your behaviours and any emotional reasons why you over eat and the food choices you are accustomed to making.
Then using hypnosis, we will implant suggestions for changes in your eating patterns and behaviour.
We will guide you, over four sessions, through the whole process of the gastric band surgery as your attitude to food changes and improves. Very quickly you will find that you want and need less food and that you begin leaving food on your plate and then serving yourself less.
Your subconscious mind  will believe that you have had the gastric band fitted with actual gastric band surgery and that your stomach is smaller as a result. You will then only be able to eat smaller amounts of healthy food and yet you will feel full. Your awareness of when you have eaten sufficient will be new to you but very effective.

Between each session you will have one of three CD’s to listen to.
You will be fully supported throughout your program by an experienced Licensed HypnoBand Practitioner.
There is no pain, no trauma, no recovery period, no side effects, no misery and absolutely NO RISK!
If you have never experienced hypnosis before you will discover how relaxing and gentle it is and how enjoyable.

Please give us a call to discuss this further in confidence. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.
Tel: 07767 333784 or email: julia@bristolhypnosis.co.uk

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