About hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion.

Hypnosis is a pleasant, altered state of consciousness during which we reach a deep level of relaxation. This hypnotic state is one we experience every day in different ways: the state before we drift off to sleep, and that pleasant state before we are fully awake in the morning, or when we are absorbed in a good book or film. During hypnosis, the client is in full control and is totally aware and yet is in a deeply relaxed state.

In itself hypnosis is not a therapy but it is used in hypnotherapy to access the unconscious mind in the treatment of emotional and psychological problems. Hypnosis is a safe, gentle and very effective process when used to change behaviour, relieve anxiety, stress and fears.

Myths and Misconceptions

There are many myths about hypnosis but the only thing worth knowing is that there is no danger and you cannot be made to say or do anything against your will.


In our practice we use the two main types of hypnotherapy: Suggestion Therapy and Analytical Therapy. The choice of therapy depends on the nature of the complaint.

Suggestion Therapy

This therapy uses a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy, also known as Clinical Hypnosis, and introduces carefully selected positive suggestions into the sub-conscious mind. This therapy is very effective for achieving short-term goals in less complex conditions such as overcoming fear of flying, exam anxiety, annoying habits and nail biting.

Usually one to three sessions will be sufficient.

Analytical Hypnotherapy and Coherence Therapy.

This is an especially effective method of hypnotherapy used for releasing those bottled up emotions and anxieties which are the root cause of many problems and symptoms. These can then be integrated with current or long term symptoms in a positive liberating way.

This is a non-invasive therapy, using free-association and involves no suggestion from the therapist. It is simply a way for you, the client, to allow your unconscious mind to work out the root of the problem and the solution. The result of this is that after a few sessions you will feel calmer, more focused and in control of your life. This therapy is a totally safe, empowering and life-changing experience, conducted in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere.

The benefits of therapy are numerous and include a feeling of being more in control and confident. Anxieties are resolved and the stress becomes manageable. You will have a greater understanding of yourself and the underlying cause of your anxiety.

Conditions and Problems that Respond to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is an effective method for resolving many conditions and problems. Other therapies focus on how you can cope with your condition and frequently involve medication that may mask the underlying emotional cause. The benefits from more traditional therapies such as counselling tend to be short term, as they do not address the root cause. Anxiety related conditions are almost always caused by an early childhood event or conflict. In order to resolve the current issues it is often necessary to resolve this early, bottled up experience using analytical hypnotherapy and CPI. The use of hypnosis speeds up the process so that the root cause is uncovered and resolved completely.

Hypnoanalysis is very specific, non-directive and gentle. Hypnosis enables you to explore your experiences in a safe and comfortable, supportive atmosphere until your blocked emotions and anxiety are released.

Anxiety, stress, phobias and conditions that have an emotional cause will be lifted and resolved. You will feel calmer; have greater confidence, self-esteem and resilience in your daily life. Hypnoanalysis for most is a positive and liberating experience.

Pain management, OCD and obsessive thoughts, emotional and psychological aspects relating to dyslexia, childbirth, dental anxieties as well as phobias, anger, social phobia, compulsions, sexual problems such as premature ejaculation/ejaculation or lack of sex drive, self-harming, stuttering, stammering and eating disorders are all conditions that respond well to using hypnotherapy.

For a more extensive list click on Symptoms and Problems.

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