Treatment for social phobia / social anxiety disorder

Social Phobia / Social Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety / social phobia can be a severe and debilitating condition and it is the most common condition and phobia that we help.

Sufferers of social anxiety disorder are greatly restricted from a normal day to day life by their fear of social situations. This may vary from avoiding shopping, walking down the street (not wishing to see anyone, especially anyone they know), attending meetings, making telephone calls, writing in front of others, even going to theatres, concerts and cinemas.

The very thought of going to a pub or a party where ‘one-to-one’ conversations are inevitable would cause severe panic. Office parties are a major cause of severe anxiety and full blown panic attacks for the sufferer of social phobia.

Effects of social anxiety disorder

What are the effects of social anxiety disorder? Social anxiety disorder can have a severe and negative impact on your life, interfering with your social and professional relationships. The dread of a feared event can begin weeks in advance and be quite debilitating.

The very thought of making a speech or any form of public speaking could cause a full blown panic attack.

Almost everyone experiences symptoms of social anxiety from time to time. But if you’re suffering from social anxiety disorder, these emotional and physical symptoms are severe and disruptive to your life. If your lifestyle is consistently limited by your fear of people’s opinions and of negative evaluation and your distress over the anxiety you suffer when socializing, it is likely that you have social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety is frequently a problem for people who suffer from undiagnosed dyslexia. The origins of this are found in early school experiences when they are asked to read aloud in class or perform in public.

People with social anxiety disorder usually recognize that their fears are irrational, but they can’t help feeling fearful and allowing their fears to affect the way they conduct their lives. Social anxiety sufferers often experience negative thought patterns that contribute to and prolong their anxiety.

Read what ex-client Simon has to say about the therapy:                                        

“Those sessions with you changed my life…………..  I would have paid thousands of pounds to take that debilitating disorder away and you did it in a few sessions.”

Many people who consult us with this condition have tried various other treatments and therapies but without relief. At an initial consultation we will describe why this will be the last time they will need to do this, because our therapy, ‘Pure Hypnoanalysis’ is unique and for this condition, wholly effective and results in complete relief from the symptoms of social anxiety and will give the sufferer a new lease of life.

If you suffer from this or any other phobia, you do not need to suffer alone. Pure hypnoanalysis can help you. It can get to the root cause and free you from your fears – forever. Click here to contact us and find out more

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“Hi Lorraine

Only last night I was telling a friend how enormously you have helped me and she has taken your details. I have no doubt she will be in touch shortly.

 Those sessions with you changed my life. I have not had a single moment of anxiety in meetings since. I have become a really confident public speaker and presenter. As you know I am doing an MBA and one of the electives is Management Consultancy. It is assessed primarily by delivering a presentation to the client in front of university tutors. I chose that course before I had started the sessions with you because I wanted to confront my fear about meeting with clients and presenting. Well, I had the assessed presentation yesterday and it went amazingly well. I have never been more calm and confident – no trembling or sweating hands; no racing heartbeat or quivering voice. The tutor afterwards told me I had presented “very powerfully”.

Social anxiety was holding back my career and destroying my personal life as I built an increasingly unhealthy dependency on alcohol to mask the problem. I would have paid thousands of pounds to take that debilitating disorder away and you did it in a few sessions.

 Thank you once again.

 Best regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


 p.s. you are welcome to use this and put my name against it.”


Simon Mitchell

Executive Director – Sales

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