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Hypnotherapy treatment for children in Bristol and Clifton

Hypnotherapy in Bristol for children; child therapy; children hypnosis; help for kids hypnosis; bed wetting; bedwetting; school phobia; fear of cats and dogs; bullying; stress; confidence child; anorexia; buliima in teenagers; childrens therapist in Bristol and Clifton; registered hypnotherapist who works with children in Bristol; hypnotist working with childrenSome hypnotherapists do not treat children but we specialise in the treatment of children and teenagers. Hypnotherapy is excellent for children as a therapy because it is gentle, relaxing and non-invasive.

The emotional and psychological needs of children can often be overlooked in the educational system. Children experiencing emotional traumas such as bullying, stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and psychosomatic problems can be helped with a non-confrontational gentle form of hypnotherapy specifically designed for children.

This usually can be achieved during one session, which lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Throughout childhood various experiences produce emotions sometimes too difficult to deal with because at their young age life has not yet equipped them to deal effectively with the emotion. This could be due to their age, their circumstances or just the intensity of the emotion that they experience. As a result, that emotion may be bottled up and will produce symptoms. These symptoms, either mental or physical, could develop immediately or much later on in life and can manifest themselves in a vast amount of different ways and often seemingly totally unrelated to the initial emotion.

The ‘Blowaway’ technique is a single session gentle form of hypnotherapy which resolves the child’s anxiety and removes the obstacles to his or her development.

During this relaxing and often fun form of hypnotherapy, the child is encouraged to blow away any negative emotions and bottled up feelings, resulting in a reduction of their anxiety and stress and an increase in the confidence and self esteem.

A parent or guardian is required to be present during the session if the child is under 16 years of age.

It is usually inappropriate to see any child under 7 years old for hypnosis.

Children’s problems that can be helped with hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

School Issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychosomatic (Somatoform) Disorders
Enuresis (Bed Wetting)
Phobias, Social Phobia and Compulsions
Anger and Aggression
Skin Disorders
Stuttering and stammering
Eating Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Low Self Esteem
Thumb Sucking and Nail biting


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