Treatment for OCD (obsessions and compulsions)

Hypnotherapy treatment for OCD in Bristol and Clifton

Help for OCD in Bristol and Clifton; Hypnotherapy clinic treating OCD, obsessions, compulsions, obsessive compulsive disorder cure; obsessive compulsive disorder treatment clinic; anxiety stress depression in Bristol and Clifton; hypnotist hypnotherapistObsessions and compulsions are anxiety related conditions and, like phobias, they affect the quality of one’s life and often have a negative effect on relationships, work and leisure.

Obsessions may be physical or mental and the presence of them, in spite of being energetic and disciplined, is essentially detrimental to emotional well being. You cannot have an effect (obsession or compulsion) without an underlying cause. Our mission is to search for the cause.

Hypnoanalysis is an effective method of resolving the underlying “buried” cause of the problem.

Typical symptoms of OCD and obsessive thoughts

Excessive worrying
Excessive brooding about issues
Checking locks such as windows or doors
Worrying about harming self or others
Obsessive about germs and hygiene
Absurd magical beliefs / superstitions
Obsessive about health / fitness / diseases
Constant negative thoughts
Intrusive sexual thoughts

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