Hypnosis for phobias, fear and anxiety

Treatment for phobias with hypnotherapy in Bristol and Clifton

There are about two hundred named phobias.

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What is a phobia?

A phobia is an external representation or symbol of an inner anxiety. This anxiety is repressed or buried in the subconscious memory and is expressed as a phobia. It is important that the underlying cause is resolved so that one phobia is not substituted by another (known as ‘symptom substitution’).

Examples of phobias

Some of the more common phobias that we are consulted for include: fear of being ‘on the spot’and fear of being judged, fear of opinion, social phobia; fear of being sick, (see below) fear of vomitting, puking (emetophobia); fear of flying; fear of dentists; fear of injections; fear of needles; fear of heights; fear of water; fear of dying; fear of death; fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia); fear of public speaking (glossophobia); toilet phobias (coprophobia); shy bladder (paruresis); fear of driving; fear of driving over bridges; fear of spiders. Less common ones such as fear of buttons and fear of long words are nevertheless very real to many people.

Social Phobia

The most common condition and phobia that we help is known as Social Phobia or Social anxiety. This describes a situation where the sufferer has an intense fear of being on ‘the spot’ or being judged or humiliated. In these situations people will often have a problem with blushing or stuttering or sweating or trying to maintain their cool and act confident (though they don’t feel it). Social phobics are often good at concealing their anxiety at work.In effect, this is a fear of people and their opinion of you.

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Hypnoanalysis is a very effective way of treating phobias without using aversion therapy, exposure techniques or other common “cures” such as CBT. This is because hypnoanalysis allows a natural therapeutic process – that of thinking of different experiences to allow some emotions to surface – to work quickly and effectively…it is the only therapy that finds the root cause and releases it.

Once those emotions have surfaced, the outside situation that used to TRIGGER the feelings of panic, no longer does so.

Emetophobia is one of the five most common phobias despite being little known.

It is the irrational persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of being sick, vomiting, throwing up or of seeing someone else being sick (puking, throwing up). Sufferers go to extreme lengths to avoid any situation where they may see someone being sick, may meet someone who is ill who could conceivably be sick or cause the sufferer to be sick, they avoid parties and pubs in case someone is sick, they avoid restaurants, especially in foreign countries, some avoid foreign countries altogether.

Many sufferers will avoid pregnancy and in many cases, it will be their overwhelming desire to have children that will drive them to seek help for the condition.

In some cases, we find that people presenting with fear of flying are actually fearful of being sick on the plane and not of the mechanics of flying. It is also true that some claustrophobics (those with fear of small or confined spaces) are actually emetophobics, being worried that if they feel sick they will not be able to get out in time and in the case of social phobics (those with fear of being judged by others, being on the spot and/or humiliated) would be worried by not being able to get out in time and throwing up in front of everybody.

Emetophobia is rarely spoken of, partly because of the nature of the subject – it is considered unpleasant and shameful and victims are acutely embarrassed.

The majority of sufferers are female and, similarly, the majority have suffered with Emetophobia since their youth. Many years are often wasted with this debilitating and disabling condition. Victim’s lives are dominated by irrational thoughts and actions. It is not uncommon, in the most severe cases, for the sufferer to avoid leaving home and thus becoming housebound.

If you suffer from this or know someone who does – give us a call, we can change your life in 8-12 weeks.

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Norovirus and Emetophobia

The Norovirus and the Rotavirus , winter vomiting stomach bugs, are extremely unpleasant but carry with them an even deeper problem – for those people suffering with Emetophobia – the fear of being sick or others being sick. For them it is the ultimate nightmare, they will be afraid to leave their homes and they need the greatest understanding during what is a very difficult time for them.

If you suffer from any phobia, you do not need to suffer alone. Analytical hypnotherapy can help with any phobia. It can get to the root cause and free you from your fear – forever.

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The Norovirus is a huge problem for Emetophobics.Bristol hypnotherapist Bristo hypnosis Bristol Hypnotherapy

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