Treatment for sexual problems and dysfunctions with hypnosis

The use of Hypnosis for the treatment of sexual problems is often sought and is very successful.

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It is not easy for anyone to accept the fact that they are finding difficulty in having a fulfilling sex life but it is far more common than most people imagine.

Most often there is an underlying cause or anxiety, which can be resolved with hypnotherapy allowing a return to a happy, healthy and satisfying sex life.

We are two non-judgemental therapists, very accustomed to dealing with sensitive issues and any matter discussed is totally private and confidential between the client and the therapist. We realise just how many people can be so easily helped to dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

Premature ejaculation/ejeculation is a very common problem for men and one that can be very distressing. Hypnotherapy can change this.

A brief consultation with a therapist will enable us to decide on the most suitable form of hypnotherapy, so give us a call, make an appointment and take back control of your life.

Sexual addictions and compulsions are common and are treatable with hypnoanalysis.

The increasing use of the Internet has resulted in an increase in these problems. Web sites can be used both positively and negatively, and the area of sexual activity is no different.

Clearly the Internet can be used for normal, healthy expression but, with a few individuals, it can be counter productive to normal, healthy sexual interactions.

These are just some of the conditions which hypnotherapy really works:

Porn addiction
Male erectile dysfunction or fear of losing an erection/performance anxiety
Premature ejeculation/ejaculation
Painful sex
Low libido or lack of sex drive
Addiction to porn
Conflicts about sexuality (sometimes known as HOCD)
Anorgasmia (failure to orgasm)
Fear of intimacy or even hatred of sex
Nymphomania/Sex Addiction

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